Subway Breads on a table with sauces and cheese

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Toppings & Extras

We give you the ingredients: fresh-baked breads, crisp veggies, tasty cheeses, and flavorful sauces. You make it just the way you want.

Just a note: product availability may vary depending on location.

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Follow the smell of our baking bread

Just Baked


Soft, hearty, and smells as good as it tastes.

Our Breads: 9-Grain Wheat, Multi-grain Flatbread*, Italian, Italian Herbs & Cheese, Flatbread*
Your Subway® restaurant might have: Hearty Italian, 9-Grain Honey Oat, Jalapeño Cheese, Monterey Cheddar, Parmesan Oregano, Roasted Garlic, Rosemary & Sea Salt, Rye Bread, Gluten-Free Bread*
*Not baked in-restaurant. The Gluten-Free bread is manufactured in a gluten-free facility. However, other menu items and ingredients in our restaurants contain gluten and are prepared on shared equipment, so we cannot guarantee that our menu items are 100% gluten-free.
Vegetables on a cutting board

Vegging out can be a good thing

One whole green pepper


Add fresh-sliced veggies* for flavor, crunch…oh, and some nutritious stuff, too.

Our Fresh Veggies: Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Lettuce, Red Onions, Spinach, Tomatoes

Other Veggies: Banana Peppers, Jalapeños, Black Olives, Pickles

Your Subway® restaurant might have: Avocado, Carrots, Guacamole, Sweet Peppers

*Choosing all the veggies Subway® restaurants have to offer provides 4 daily servings of vegetables per footlong sandwich. Vegetable serving refers to the footlong subs prepared to standard recipe. One vegetable serving equals ½ cup raw vegetables or 1 cup leafy vegetables.
Triangle slices of cheese


Melty or cool, mellow or sharp. Cheese adds that little something extra.

Our Cheeses: American and Monterey Cheddar
Your Subway® restaurant might have: Feta, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Pepperjack, Provolone, Swiss
Small bowl of mayonnaise


Top things off with a cool finish or a blast of spicy goodness.

Our Sauces: Chipotle Southwest, Light or Regular Mayonnaise, Ranch, Oil, Subway® Vinaigrette

Flavorful Fat-Free Sauces: Mustard, Vinegar, Sweet Onion

Your Subway® restaurant might have: Barbecue, Buffalo, Creamy Italian, Golden Italian, Honey Mustard, Savory Caesar, Sriracha, Tzatziki Cucumber

add it on


It's the little extras that make life worthwhile (for just a small additional cost, too).

Our Extras: Pepperoni, Bacon